We bring you the latest version of milk collection machine that is easy to understand and can be handled in a convenient way. The revolutionary machine is highly useful for milk processing units and other allied organizations. It not only finds wide application in urban areas, but in milk collecting dairies in rural areas as well, empowering the small scale traders/dealers in their day to day business execution. With this innovative milk collection machine, you can measure fat content, lacto content, SNF and weiginng scale etc of milk in a trouble free manner. Balaji Milk collection machine assists in fully automated calculation of cost as per purity of milk, sale of milk, accounts receivable and payable and many other related transactions. The machine has advanced software that help dairy industries to keep every minute need and requirements of farmers from villages. Apart from that, it also enables milk collecting dairies to efficiently maintain and store all the necessary detailed records, data analysis and reports. This machine has a great archive value as the data it records can be downloaded to your computer for further references.
The reports generated from Milk Collection Machine are:
  1. Operator wise reports
  2. Bill Summary
  3. Product wise report