We address this specific need (Micro Finance) of Small Credit Co-operative Societies, rural banks,etc. who address a segment of society, which finds it difficult to comprehend the normal banking processes. The agent is armed with the Balaji Smart Series Machine with the application embedded in it. It helps the agent to issue an immediate receipt for the amount collected from one of its customer. It subsequently gets updated to the core financial system of the institution either by docking it in one of the branch machines or directly transferring the transaction to the core financial engine. It empowers both the Financial Institution as well as its customer to know the exact position of the customer’s account as well it allows to reach the customer’s doorstep.
It generates various MIS reports like
  1. Scroll Report
    • Dated – Receipt wise
    • Total – Receipt wise
    • Today – Account wise
    • Total – Account wise
  2. Daily Summary
  3. Duplicate Reports